sunshine, daisies, buttermellow.

11 Oct 2014
11·34 pm

Ssssh it’s okay

8 Oct 2014
11·20 pm

I’m pro the fantasy land where things are easy and we can do what we want.

7 Oct 2014
3·41 pm

lol I’d totally fuck Bo Burnham.

22 Sep 2014
12·42 am

"I miss you" she said in a small voice looking down. But she didn’t know to if she was speaking to the pictures on the wall or to the girl in the mirror.

21 Sep 2014
5·52 pm

It’s okay that we’re in this lie together. It’s okay we’re pretending what the reasons are. It’s okay. It’s okay to think about if things were different.

Its okay if its just me

30 Jul 2014
5·12 am

I am so grateful to be healthy today.

25 Jul 2014
6·49 pm

I think about you way too often

22 Jul 2014
6·13 pm

Excerpts from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

"the taint of voldemort" (christmas on the closed ward)

"he will penetrate your mind with absurd ease" (occlumency)

22 Jul 2014
3·45 pm

God I cannot with darren

20 Jul 2014
2·11 pm

20 Jul 2014
2·10 pm

16 Jul 2014
8·48 am

WHOOPS just bought tickets to see Martin Freeman on the West End performing Richard III. Holy COW am I excited!

14 Jul 2014
7·55 am

you know I didn’t respect miley cyrus until she did “we can’t stop” and got all that criticism and DNGAF.  

she cut off all her hair, stopped being what people wanted her to be and expected her and I think that’s sending a better message than anything else.

8 Jul 2014
6·14 am

still perfecting that sunglasses tan!

still perfecting that sunglasses tan!

6 Jul 2014
5·29 pm

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